Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I See The Future

It has been a special treat, the past three weekends, to have my niece staying at our house. She is going to an amazing film program at Ithaca College. She has loved making movies since she was a little girl and is finally able to pursue her dream. Her latest assignment involved filming my children and their friends so she camped out at our house with all her equipment.

The last stage of the project involved interviewing her parents and uncle/aunt(me).She spent over an hour setting up the gear and teaching my kids how to be her crew.

All the behind the scenes segments we've seen at the end of DVDs came to life. We learned not only what a 'boom' is, but how they do their job. We learned about slates and sound levels and the sequence of events after the director says, "quiet on the set!"

She is a child I would love to claim as my own. She is well rounded, respectful, funny, smart, and a joy to be around. Now she is knee deep in learning a trade and finding her path in life. I could not be more proud of her. I'm so thankful that "Aunt Judy's house" is a place she feels comfortable hanging out.

All too soon she will be off chasing her dreams, probably in L.A., maybe in NYC. So I soak up times like the past few weekends, when she's still just enough of a little girl to need a place to hang out and be loved.

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