Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Other Daughter

What a treat. On a regular day our household is overrun with boys. Three sons and a neighborhood full of male children keeps the testosterone high around here. But this weekend I got a special treat.

My precious niece is in her second year of film school at Ithaca college, about two hours west of where we live. Her parents live in NH, three hours east of us. So every once in awhile we get to be the meeting place in the middle. And we win all the way around.

We get to see my beautiful, talented niece and her fun, entertaining parents. (one of whom grew up with the title 'little brother' to my husband) This weekend the in-laws went back home early to run a half marathon. (yes, it is five degrees in the East right now and yes, it is an outdoor race....not a pretty sight)

So tonight I find myself the 'mother' of an extra daughter. We will put her on the bus for Ithaca tomorrow, but for tonight she is all ours.

I had a staff meeting at work and when I walked in the door a few hours ago this is the scene I interrupted. My two 'daughters' hanging out at the dining room table, doing homework together, on a Saturday night. And they were having a good time together.

The boys are all off skiing with dad on some local mountain, the beauty of $10 night skiing deals, and I am hanging out with two great teenage girls. A girls night in.

If I ever doubt the decision to uproot the kids and move 2500 miles across the country just to be closer to the in-laws, all I have to do is look at pictures like this one. There is no question it was all very, very worth it.

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