Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lego Love

It's one of my favorite school memories...making the Valentine Box to take to school. I loved getting out the colored paper, paper doilies, glue sticks, and creating something special.

You would think we'd have had lots of opportunities to make boxes with our own kids but I guess the trends have changed. With all the school districts we've lived in, you'd think we would have had many chances to show our creative side in pink and red. But most years the kids have made them in class, as a group activity. About the end of January I look for the paper from school, some kind of hint that we might be in charge of it ourselves this year, but most years it never came.

Then it happened. Sam's in the third grade and it's the first time he's been given the task of making his own box, at home. We discussed it briefly and he already knew what he wanted to do. It wasn't a surprise. The kid has lived and breathed Legos since he was old enough to be trusted not to swallow them. (having two older brothers who are Lego crazy didn't hurt)

So when he said he wanted a "Lego Valentine Box" I had a clear mental image of what that meant. We'd go through his latest creations, take lots of pictures of them, then plaster them to the side of a nice sturdy cardboard box. Maybe I could convince him to throw in a red heart or two for good measure.

But Sam had other ideas. He rolled his eyes and patiently said, "No mom, I've got it covered.." and he disappeared upstairs. I worked the evening shift that night at the library and by the time I got home, he'd finished his creation.

His Lego Valentine Box.

Complete with red heart built into the side. Complete with pictures of his favorite dog in the world on the side. And complete with a full Lego Rock Band in concert on top. (big brothers helped create the tiny instruments, it all looked way too fun to let Sam do the whole thing).

He lugged it to school in a cardboard box this morning and by the time I showed up for the Valentine Party, he'd won "most detailed' in the Valentine Box Contest.

I'm thrilled that my boy got to know the fun of making his own box. His own design, his own ideas. Not some variation of what the whole class was doing as a group project.

It was one of my favorite parts of school and I'm glad I had the sense to stay out of his way so he could have his own experience. Because who knows if we'll get another chance to build our own box again. I mean 'who knows if he'll get another chance to build his own box again'.

Yeah, that's what I meant.


Name: Holly Bowne said...

What a cool, creative idea your son came up with! And you're right, sometimes it is so hard for mom to just butt out, isn't it? But our kids gain so much more confidence and such a greater sense of accomplishment when we do. ;o)

terry said...

I remember those boxes now. This made me smile. It feels good to smile. Thank you. His box is fantastic. Very, very impressive.

I just read your post about the allergist. Sounds like a traumatic experience. I know I used to be allergic to dust.

Love reading your wonderful words. As alway.....