Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Actual conversation overheard while I shelved picture books yesterday. The two 'players' are a five year old little girl and a three year old little boy who didn't know each other and had just met at the Thomas the train table in the Kids Section of our library. They didn't know I was on the other side of the book shelves, listening in.

After explaining in great detail what game they would be playing with the train set (as he sat by patiently listening) she finished her plan with this announcement.

Her: Let's pretend that we're in love.

Him: What's in love mean?

Her: You don't know what in love means?

Him: (stoic silence)

Her: Okay, well here's what it means. First, you don't know each other then you meet one day and then you like each other then you love each other so much that you have to say you are in love.

Him: How 'bout if it means we don't know each other then we meet then we call my uncle Steve and ask him if we can have something out of his garage and he says okay and gets it for us?

Her: (sighing loudly) I'm just going to have to find someone else to be in love with. You just don't get it.

The beginning of Venus and Mars.

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GoddessLibrarian said...

Are you serious?? That is priceless!