Monday, October 26, 2009

Impressive Vocabulary

I was at work a few days ago and was temporarily very impressed by a young patron who walked up to check out books and movies with her family. She and her father were chatting as they walked up together and laid their picks down on the counter. The little girl pointed to her father's movie choice and said,'is that a movie for grown ups?'

He answered yes.

Then she asked, 'is it a movie for kids?'

He said yes, it could be a movie kids could watch.

Just then the mom walked up and this little girl, who was no more than six, turned to her mom and said, "Dad's checking out a general movie."

I was pretty impressed. A child who was, at the most, in first grade, knew how to use a word like general in such an appropriate way. I didn't say anything, just kept scanning their items and stacking them up.

Then I got to the movie they had been discussing.

The name of the movie was "The General".


Ellie said...

That is hilarious. It shows we really can't assume anything. It also reminded me of a time when Suzanne was 3 (1987). They were both in their carseats, which back then didn't have the straight-jackets hold-downs. On the third attempted escape I yelled "is is going to be necessary for me to stop this car and spank you". After a moment of dead silence I heard something like 'no mommy not necessary' coming from Suzanne. 'Necessary' was the word I remember most.

Table for Seven said...

That is so funny. I bet it was really hard not to laugh out loud. Such a cute moment.