Friday, November 6, 2009

Amazing Sunsets

Sam and I were riding home from my leg appointment the other day and the sun was setting on the horizon. We drove up a large hill and at its peak we had a fabulous view of the sun setting over the mountain.

"Sam, look at that amazing sunset!" I said, "What a beautiful time of day!"

There was no comment for about thirty seconds, then the voice from the back seat piped up and said, "I see it, mom."

Another minute passed before he added, "Just so ya know, mom, I didn't answer you right away because I was taking a drink of my chocolate milk....I didn't want you to think I was speechless. 'Cause I wasn't speechless. I was just drinkin' my milk."

I am now living with a nine year old who is too cool to think any sunset could make him speechless.

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