Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shocking Suits

My brother works for a mortgage company. He used to wear suits to work until the dress code went casual. So he had lots of extra suits that ended up in the back of our van when we met up with him in MO recently. They were intended for Jeff, to help fill out his professional wardrobe.

Jeff tried them on tonight. Some fit. Some were a smidge too small. Then Michael walked through the room. Our almost 17 year old seems to have grown a foot in the past month. This kid who used to be asked "are you twins?" when he stood by his brother, who is four years his junior. The growth hormones kicked in about a year ago and he seems to be making up for lost time.

Michael tried on the smaller suits, and whaddya know? One of them fit him. These men's suits that my brother used to wear. Of course we had to tease him about setting up his job interview at the bank tomorrow, but that was all to distract me from the fact my son, my baby faced boy, is now able to wear mens suits.

Lucky for me....the suits don't even come close to fitting my littlest guy. Stay away, crazy growth hormones. Let me have one little guy for just a bit longer.

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Bruce Durham said...

It's a kind of "time machine" to see your growing kids wear formal wear for men, it kinda makes you see the men that they are going to be sometime in the future, when they set off on their own, working on that bank you teased him that he will have an interview on. But for now, enjoy the time you have with your young boys.

Nice blog by the way.