Friday, May 28, 2010

New Definitions

We were riding bikes through Central Park over spring break and right next to the Reservoir we passed a group of interesting trees. Their trunks were twisted and mangled. I am not a plant person so I have no idea what kind of trees they were, just that they were very interesting to look at.

Jeff and I stopped to take a few pictures and ponder the unique shape of these fascinating trees.

"Their trunks are very gnarly," Jeff commented.

I shook my head in reply then noticed that nine year old Sam looked confused.

"Do you know what gnarly means?" Jeff asked our youngest son.

"Um, means, like sick, right?"

Through the eyes of a little boy who's grown up skateboarding, rip sticking and skiing with his older brothers. Yes, my boy, in your world, gnarly and sick mean the same thing.

But if you asked a ninety year old in a nursing home who suffers from arthritis, I am sure she would also say gnarly and sick mean the same thing.

The same definition but an entirely different meaning.

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