Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Our Fault

Yes, we did ask for more winter weather. With the dusting of snow we got a few weeks ago, the boys got the itch for real snow fun and started doing the daily snowstorm dance.

I am not naive. I know we don't have the greatest dance moves, but Come On. Did we do the snow dance so out of whack that we got this horrendous ice storm instead?

Up front I want to apologize to the whole upstate New York area. It is our fault. We swayed the hips and waved the hands in the air in some kind of twisted version of the sacred dance and we called forth this mess.

It's a beautiful mess, don't get me wrong. There is little to compare to the magical ice coating on each tiny limb and branch of every tree in our yard and woods. The sun shines through it like we live in a fairy land. You can stand outside and hear the crackling chorus as the wind sways branches and plays a tune.

As the temperatures warmed a few degrees it made standing under said trees a bit dangerous. Middle Boy decided to play it safe and wear his ski helmet. Not a bad plan. He was surrounded by chunks of ice that had shattered around his feet, making our driveway look like it was covered in broken glass.

Obviously our sitting in lawn chairs days are over for now. It's time to break out the sleds. It's time to make snow men. If we could just find a way to get rid of this coating of ice and start over. We are humble enough to admit we messed up. The dance we thought was the one that brought snow just made fools of us.

For now all dancing has been called off and we are changing our game plan. Maybe its time to call in the big guns. We're leaving Santa an extra big pile of cookies and a note: "Please leave the presents under the tree and six to twelve inches of snow in the front yard."

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