Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Overly Optimistic

My 16 year old was with me as we ran errands the other day. We passed a couple of guys in a parking lot who were mounting their very shiny, pretty motorcycles.

"That's what I'm going to get some day..," my boy proclaimed.

I gave him the stink eye and said,"Oh, please don't..."

"Look how cool they are, and you can get a really great one for not much money."

"But sweetie, they are so dangerous. The money won't matter when you have a head injury or lose a leg."

"No worries," he replied,"I'll wear a helmet so I won't get a head injury and if I lose a leg, no big deal. You get around fine."

Oh great. You try to show your kids how to overcome adversity and instead it warps their sense of reality.

I reallyreallyreallyreally hope he was kidding.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I will say a little prayer for you that he realizes, before he is old enough, that motorcycles really aren't worth the risk!