Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frozen Pups

Sam went to the allergist last week to find out why he keeps getting pneumonia. It's somehow related to his asthma, which may be related to allergies. A big puzzle we're trying to figure out.

After being poked a kazillion times in his forearms he proceeded to pass out and have a small seizure type episode. Just a bit scary for his mother. He got a soda from the nurses out of the deal.

In the end we found out he's allergic to lots of things. He's never shown allergy symptoms (itchy eyes, runny nose) so I don't really know what this all means yet.

But the nurse went over the results with me as Sam sat next to me, listening very closely. He heard her say that he's allergic to dust mites and there are many things you can do to kill dust mites. Cover your mattress with plastic. Pull up the carpet and put in wood floors. Take down drapes and replace with blinds.

And put any stuffed animals you sleep with in the freezer. I guess it kills the dust mites better than any other remedy. So every morning Sam faithfully places his favorite stuffed dog in the freezer, to chill for the day.

And every time (every single time) I go to get ice, it startles me.

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Madhavan said...

Just beautiful writing! I got a hearty chuckle, but I was misty eyed before. Thanks!