Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Birthday Month

The month of January is a big one for our family. Just when we are bouncing back from the holidays, two more important days pop up. Five days after we welcomed in 2009, our baby girl turned 17. And in just a few short hours her younger brother will turn 16. These two were raised like twins and for many years it felt like they'd be preschoolers forever. For four years they were our only children and we made a perfect American family. Matched set - dad, mom, daughter, son.

Then we gave her another brother, and four years later another brother still. And we became a big family. But the days of being just the four of us are not gone from our memory. It was a special season of life and is full of its own precious memories. We love our house full of kids but also cherish the early days, when two little people filled up our house with giggles and chatter.

Happy Birthday(s) my Irish Twins. Don't ever forget how much mama loves you and how you'll always be my sweet babies.

Now give me back the car keys. It's my turn to drive.

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Leigh said...

Happy Birthday to two great kids... err, I mean two great young adults!