Thursday, January 1, 2009

Limping Along

Now if you know me at all you would think the above title implies I am having leg issues. But the truth be told, my leg is getting along better than my computer at this point.

Just about a week ago, after much groaning, whining,and fussing the past few months, our computer finally died. No extended period of hospice, it was just gone. It's a long, long story but it basically ends with much weeping, wailing and knashing of teeth. (don't tell my dentist).

The new computer arrives this weekend, if UPS can be trusted, and I will be back. Back to real life where my computer keeps me organized and sane.

So don't worry. There are many pictures yet to be shared and stories yet to be told. Just as soon as the guy in the big brown truck pulls into my driveway....

Update from two weeks later: The UPS man finally came and we immediately tore open the box. I was so excited that we were just hours away from being up and running again. I could finally get my online bills paid. I could finally finish the articles due for the newspaper. I could finally catch up with family and friends through email. Just plug it in and boot it we go!

But instead we plugged it in and nothing happened. Nothing. After hours on the phone with HP tech support somewhere in the middle of India, that ended with him screaming at me and me screaming back at him, we still had nothing. Black screen.

Daughter and I packed it up and hauled it through an ice storm (that was bad enough to give the kids a snow day and close the library where I work) to our local Staples store. The tech woman confirmed we had a dead hard drive.

A dead hard drive. After all the waiting and all the anticipation. A dead hard drive.
So we bought a similar computer off the shelf from the tech woman at Staples and by dinner time, by golly, we were back online! Thank you, Sarah at were my lifesaver in the middle of the storm.

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