Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brush with Beauty

We have been hearing for weeks that a production company would be in town, filming a new Will Ferrell movie, and streets might be blocked off. Because hubby works for the highway department we knew dates and hours of filming but never found time to get down there to watch. As we were out last night, we stopped by downtown and noticed they were still filming.

Because I am still in 'leg off' mode, we parked and I sent Jeff and the two younger boys off to watch the action. I could see about a third of the street they were filming on, and saw several sequences of car chase scenes with lots of fake gunfire. Pretty fun.

Jeff and his posse wove through the police and barricades that were set up and found a good watching spot by the area where all the back up cars were being held. Each identical car was in a different state of damage.

At one point he noticed a woman sitting by a table, dressed in an outfit that seemed out of place.She was right next to him so he kept trying to glance at her, to figure out who she was and why she was there. She returned his stares several times. It really bugged him, and he told me about it when they got back to the van. She just seemed so 'familiar', yet out of place in downtown Albany.

Today as I was pulling up the shooting schedule for this afternoon I mentioned to him that Evan Mendes was also in this movie.

From the other room, my normally very low key hubby yelled, "That was HER!"

I had no idea what he was talking about.

"That was her! The girl from 'Hitch'....I knew she looked familiar!"

So now my husband and sons can say they have stood next to Eva Mendes while watching the filming of her latest movie. And hopefully she has not processed a restraining order against him.

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