Monday, September 14, 2009

Update to bunny post

Clarification: We decided to give away Thumper for many reasons, one being we had inherited a second bunny about a year ago and two extra animals was just too much. We decided to just give both bunnies away.

Then the day after I wrote this essay and sent it in to my editor we had an unexpected turn of events. One of the bunnies died.

Teddy, the one we had inherited from friends, was found the next morning, stiff and cold. Jeff and the boys (and the very confused dog, who kept pawing at the grave)buried him lovingly in the woods. My theory is that he overheard us talking about possibly giving him away and he got nervous. Death seemed like the better option.

So now we have to decide if one bunny is too much or if we can settle back into life with just one little furry guy hoping around in the basement.

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