Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Locking Lessons

I've finally figured out my problem. Michael, my almost seventeen year old made the proclamation the other night as we left the Y.

Someone(hubby?)had taken the key unlocker thing off my car key chain. I didn't notice it until we had gotten out of the car and were headed into the Y for a work out. I had to stop and think through things to figure out how to lock the car.

With just a key.

Hmmmm. Has it been that long?

Fortunately I regained my brain quickly and confidently went into the facility in full confidence that I could get back into my car with just a key.

Fast forward one hour. Michael and I are headed back across the dark parking lot, both sweaty and feeling energized after great work outs. I stick my hand in my pocket and suddenly remember my key situation. The one that almost stressed me out an hour before.

But no worries, I remind myself. I have a key. A piece of metal that can do the job of that clicky thing that I must find once I get home.

I stick said piece of metal into appropriate hole. Click. My door is open. Hooray for technology of the sixties!

Then I slide my sweaty, chubby behind into the drivers seat and realize Michael is still standing outside, on the passenger side, waiting for me to unlock his door.

I physically groan as I lean all the way over to his door, barely able to reach his interior lock.

He rolls his eyes as he glides into his seat. "Mom," he sighs,"You still have the automatic unlock button on the door. You didn't have to reach over to manually unlock my door."

Oh yeah. Right.

Then he gives it to me. In his nicest, most patient teen age son voice he says, "Hate to say it mom, but you are so stuck in old school."

That's me. Stuck in Old School. And most of the time, proud of it.

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terry said...

Love this! Stuck in old school...if I tell my kids this, that's all they will say about me. Sounds like you are out exercising. Well, good for you. You're writing is wonderful.