Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time to Sort the Legos

When you have three boys, who have been collecting Legos for over ten years, you tend to have quite a collection of the tiny building blocks. Besides the two extra large rectangular tubs of assorted pieces, we have dozens of sacred 'creations'. They are played with, taken apart, and eventually rebuilt into something else. But at any given time there are quite a few of them laying around the toy room. The big boys still play with them sometimes but Sam's the lucky one who inherited most of the collection and plays with them on an almost daily basis.

Sam, being the youngest, has an area of the play room as his bedroom. He can't wait for big sister to head off to college next year so he can have a door with a lock. But for now he is in the space that everyone sees as the spillover room. It had gotten out of hand in recent weeks so he and I spent one day of the Christmas vacation sorting it all out.

This is the before picture. After standing and staring at it for a long while, we dove in.

First we cleared off his shelves and consolidated a large portion of the creations to that area. The biggest planes and vehicles still sit on top of the built in cabinets but the medium to smaller creations ended up here.

Then, with wire cubes and flat boards, we built a long row of display space, turning the corner, to make a sort of half wall to mark off Sam's room. His current 'base' in progress fills the corner.

So here's his after picture. Finally a place for all the creations and in the process, an area that feels a little bit more like a real room. The other half of the room is still used for video games but Sam's loving his side, his area, his kingdom of Legos. It was worth eight hours of work and two large trash bags to add to the bin out back.

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goofdad said...

OK...I know it's an older post, but I had to comment!

That looks like my downstairs! As my 8 kids living at home have played musical rooms over the years, I've even had a corner "bedroom" just like that. My son Ethan hung curtains around his so that he could go to bed ontime without being kept up by his older siblings.

Gread job on the shelves and the cleanup. One of these days, I'll tackle ours (again).