Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Six Quick Years

What you see here is a foot cake. Like a cupcake but different. This is how my family celebrated on Tuesday, as the sixth anniversary of my leg surgery rolled around. We celebrate every year, because that one day, that one surgery, changed not just my life, but the lives of every one of the members of my immediate family. It's the day mommy started over, so we eat cake and celebrate.

As we were making the feet, my son Isaac picked up a scrap cookie and said, "This one should be the before foot...this is what your foot looked like before you got the cool one!" So what you see in this picture is my before foot and my after foot.

And here is the full platter of feet cakes we enjoyed, followed by the picture of our lovely waiter, Isaac, who was waiting for the perfect excuse to break out the leftover fake New Years wine. It was quite the celebration indeed.

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