Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do it!

I cannot let this day pass by without posting about its significance. I was made aware of the importance of this day just a few years ago but loved the implications so I embrace it every year.

Today is March fourth. The fourth day of the month of March. But it is also the only day on the calendar that is a command to do something - March FORTH!

I believe this day, that is a command, is the perfect time to take a minute to reflect on how things are going. Did the new years resolutions not work out? Are they still things you really care about? Is there any area of your life that you feel is holding you back? A relationship that needs tweaking or even one that may need true CPR?

Today is the day to tackle it. Be brave. Don't hold back. Give yourself a challenge and live up to it. It's time to get serious and March Forth.

I have decided I am not as strong as I used to be. In my whole body but specifically in my legs. Just after my surgery I worked out like a crazy woman, so excited to have two legs that worked. I was strong.

I walked taller and was more coordinated. It was so exciting to have two strong limbs, after struggling along with just one able limb for so many years.

But in recent years, mainly since we've moved to NY, I have been negligent about keeping up with my strength training. Life was hectic in the first year, as we unpacked, remodeled a third of our house on our own, and settled our kids into new high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

Then the next year hit and I went back to work. First I was part time, then full time. The schedule was crazy in a new way and life was on fast forward.

Last fall I was thrilled to move back to part time. I am finding balance, finally. It's been a long road but I am back to peace most days of the week. So it's time to get serious about strength again. Mentally I am strong again. It's time to earn back my physical strength.

I have started this week, on March 1st, a new plan. My incredible sister in law, Terry, is serving as my mentor and coach. She runs in marathons despite a serious problem with asthma and intestinal problems. Just thinking of her inspires me to make good choices. She is long distance, in NH, but with the beauty of the internet I have her at my beck and call.

I hit a few speed bumps in my first few days of the new plan but instead of giving up I am choosing to MARCH FORTH! I will re-group today, analyze why things are not going smoothly, and re-craft a plan that can work.

Because there is no time to give up. Life's gonna come speeding along the track. I can either sit back and stay soft or I can do what this day is commanding - March FORTH!

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terry said...

I am so excited to March forth. What a great idea and right when Spring is on its way. I will get more physical this year. And heart healthy! I will March forth.