Monday, March 29, 2010

The Scary Side of HD

Our family has really been enjoying the new series called "Life" that is playing on the Discovery Channel. Since we recently inherited a high definition (HD) television the shows have been especially spectacular.

It's a great family show. Generally this is how it plays out - Hubby and I snuggle in to watch it, with Sam and Isaac, our younger ones, perched on the couch between us. The big kids are 'too busy' when we call up the stairs to see if they want to join us.

Then the big kids eventually wander downstairs, for a snack or to check facebook pages, and suddenly there are five, then six of us laid out in the living room, oohing and ahhing at each incredible nature scene. We use the rewind feature on the cable box often, wanting to see, just one more time, how each scene played out.

From the first episode on I had to self monitor, so I didn't say "How'd they GET that shot??" five thousand times in the course of one hour.

So last night the show was winding up. Younger kids were warned that as soon as the show ended it was time for bed, no exceptions!

As the show went to its last commercial it showed a brief preview as to what would be the last segment of the night....some never before seen footage of large humpback whales in an elaborate mating ritual.

The younger kids giggled.

Okay, Hubby and I giggled and the younger kids just followed our lead. Then Sam, who just last year, on his eighth birthday, was told the full story of the birds and the bees, got a bit nervous.

He fidgeted around for a minute then turned to me and in full seriousness said, "So...maybe we should turn the HD feature off before the show comes back on...?"

Forget about R rated movies. Sometimes it's uncomfortable to watch nature shows with your parents.


jennifer said...

Totally agree about that show! Like you, I kept marveling out loud about the incredible shots. Were they burying cameras everywhere on earth? And suspending them from the stars?
Adorable quote from Sam! I quite agree. Whale sex in HD might be a little too much information for just about anyone.

goofdad said...

Honestly ... having seen a male whale that had beached itself when I lived in the SF Bay Area, I have to say ... Whale sex in SD may be too much information ...

This may be a show to DVR and watch after previewing ... or a new avenue into discussing the birds and the bees whales ... good luck either way!