Monday, May 19, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain

Baby boy was getting ready to catch the school bus. The weather is cool again today so he was deciding which sweatshirt to wear over his long sleeved shirt.

Him: "I think I'll pick my Missouri one. I love Missouri."

Me: "It was a great place to live."

(He was born there but moved away before his second birthday and has visited only about three times since, although he does watch the news coming out of Missouri very closely.)

Him: "Yeah, 'cept the tornadoes."

Me: "Well, we survived them pretty well."

Him: "My first remembering started in Utah."

He then got this reflective look on his face and added, "Maybe God knew that I would love Utah. That's why he clicked on my brain there."

Personally, some days, I'm still waiting for God to click on my brain.

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