Monday, May 12, 2008

you dont matter...

I have found a new phrase I will be using in coming weeks and possibly years.

Middle Son and I were discussing a conversation that took place at school. Someone said something not so nice about my boy. My son casually replied, "But it didn't matter, mom. The kid that was being mean was just a tissue in a trash bin."

I have to admit I sat there with a dopey look on my face, feeling just a little more than 'out of it' with the new kid lingo. Then I realized this was a phrase my own son had created.

He saw my confusion and said, "You doesn't really matter...his opinion matters less to me than a tissue in a trash bin."

I have to say my mommy heart swelled about three sizes in pride in that moment. For my son's ability to stand up to bullies and his ability to manipulate our English language.

Rock on my Middle Boy.

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