Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weird Weird World

Baby boy and I were on a drive home from the library just now. I had heard about, requested, and finally received from our grand library system, the book called "toilets of the world." It is as glorious as I thought it would be and will be inspected cover to cover by the four males in our household.

Even the teenager who swears he isn't capable of reading anything beyond schoolwork. This one will suck him in, I just know it.

Baby boy got a first peek at all the interesting photos of toilets from all reaches of the planet. One intrigued him more than the rest. Somehow it disappeared back into the city sidewalk when not in use.

We discussed the logistics of such a toilet, like how that worked with pipes and all. (do the 'results of your visit' also disappear underground?)

Finally Baby boy sighs and says, "I don't know mama....there's just a lot of weird stuff out there in the world."

Amen Baby boy, Amen.

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