Saturday, May 17, 2008

Steeple Chase

In reference to the wisdom of the seven year old (see post below), let's talk about another thing that doesn't make sense in our world. There is this event they use to torture innocent high school children. It is called the steeple chase.

Somehow my son decided it was worth a try. Running five times around a track, hopping over huge beams, one of them next to a puddle of murky water that is three feet deep. And how is this fun and good for your health? I know for a fact that no mother invented this race. At least my son didn't slip and take the plunge totally under water, like one of the kids in the girl's race.

Like high schoolers don't have enough reasons to feel embarrassment and humiliation on a daily basis.

Indeed, there is a lot of weird, weird stuff out there in the world.

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