Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Animal Planet

One of the last things left to update in our kitchen are the windows on each side of the sink. They are probably original to the house and have definitely done their time. They are two different sizes and have assorted cracks and holes their panes of glass. One hole is big enough that I stick a large marshmallow in it to keep out the cold air in the winter months. The white puff hardens and fills the gap nicely. When it wears out, it's cheap to replace.

Just a few months ago I saw a disturbing change in our old windows. A wasp family (couple?) had made a nice hive (nest?) in one corner, between the regular glass and the storm window glass. I watched them closely as they grew from two wasps to a full family of about eight.

This window is far away from where the kids play but I still kept my guard up, looking for a reason I should buy the wasp killer at Kmart.

Then Hubby walked in the kitchen the other day and heard buzzing. Upon inspection he found the little wasp nest, tucked in the corner of the window.

"Whoa,'s like the nature channel right here in your kitchen window!"

You know, I hadn't thought of it like that.

Because the wasps are technically behind glass, they can't hurt me. And I get a close up view of their lives as they buzz through their days.

So now, with my new eyes, I have come to love my buzzing friends. I found myself spending more than a couple of minutes today hunched over the counters, trying to figure out what their schedule was for the afternoon.

The most I could gather from my scientific research was that 'buzzing' and 'fighting' were the only events of the day.

So welcome, my new striped friends. Let's live peacefully side by side.

Just don't get any big ideas.

The second you sting one of my kids, I'm on my way to Kmart.

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