Monday, June 2, 2008

What I See

In this crazy house full of teens, pre-teens, all their tall, expressive (loud) friends and one single little guy, there are days I am thankful to find myself at the kitchen sink, rinsing dishes. With my back to the chaos I look out an old broken kitchen window. And for about two weeks now I have been watching the magic of budding baby plants.

This is what I will miss ten years from now - tiny green shoots of an unknown variety thriving in their milk carton condo.

And the best part is, Baby Boy truly believes they will grow into something big and important some day. I have experienced many years of kindergarten and first grade seed projects. None of them have survived.

But I love that no matter what our history, we still have a little person in the house who believes big things can come from very small seeds.

Grow little seedlings. Grow for my boy.

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