Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Simon Says

I didn't realize we were playing a game. Silly me, I thought we were doing chores.

It started when I handed a stack of books to Baby Boy and said, "Could you run these to the bookcase?"

Then I handed a stack of towels to my oldest son and said, "Hey, run these to the closet upstairs real fast."

Instruction number three was to Middle Son. "Sweetie, could you take this stack of mail into the office for me?"

Time passed and I made my way through the house, picking up more clutter along the way.

Then I started finding the treasures.

A strange stack of books spilling off my tiny nightstand. Hmmm....'bookcase' and 'nightstand'...pretty similar, in theory I suppose.

Then I came across a nice large stack of towels in the middle of the ping pong table. Well, it is close to the bathroom closet...although I would guess that anyone coming out of the shower tomorrow morning might prefer the towels be in a little closer proximity. (anyone for nude ping pong?)

Last but not least (or strangest) I found a nice neat pile of mail, centered beautifully on the kitchen table.

I am not sure what happened here. Did their brains hear different words than I said? Or was the listening function not even turned on, only the head nodding function?

Maybe next time I need to realize it's a game. I could offer a reward to the one who gets their item closest to its actual home.

I could call it "Mommy Says". I'm sure the boys will be thrilled to play along.

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