Monday, June 9, 2008

We Will Shower Some Day

Well so far we have survived. The shower is installed and we are now sitting around waiting for the adhesives to dry. Tonight we caulk and Tuesday we shower(!)

(Don't worry, we will shower before Tuesday too. We do have a shower upstairs, although it is very overworked by the six of us.)

We had a miserably hot weekend in New York. We are used to temperatures in the low to mid eighties in June. Not mid nineties. We don't have A/C in our house.

There are only a handful of days in any given summer when the heat is oppressive and I'd rather be able to pay my electricity bill than spend my summer yelling at the kids to 'keep the doors closed 'cause the air's on and it's costing me a fortune!'.

But those miserable days are supposed to come in August. Not in June. Not in the middle of a bathroom re-model.

As the weekend wound down and we navigated through every glitch that was thrown at us, Hubby and I realized that we had gone the whole weekend, through a fairly significant house project, without bickering or snipping at each other.

We don't fight a lot, but house projects can bring out the worst in anyone.

Add in a shower project situated in a space hardly big enough for two people to stand, with a temperature that replicated a sauna, tubes and tubes of liquid nails (that sticks to and stains everything it comes close to touching) and even the Pope could be forgiven for saying an unkind word to his fellow helper.

We decided it was the perfect marriage counseling tool. Forget sitting on comfy couches in air conditioned rooms drinking cold beverages and talking about your feelings. Throw the couple in a tiny bathroom with a gutted shower stall and say, "Have at it!"

Whoever comes out the other side with anything replicating a usable washing area gets the prize. And a refund for their weekend.

After the caulk is done I will post the after pictures. Let me give you a looks lovely. My bathroom sparkles now. I get to shower without climbing up the stairs and stepping over the soggy towels of four forgetful children. (hey, at least they are showering)

And Hubby and I can look at those shining walls and remember a pretty pleasant two days spent together, wedged in a pretty tight space. Not a bad weekend. Not a bad weekend at all.

Except for the heat, of course.

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