Monday, November 24, 2008

Five Year Plan

Warning: This Scene is Subject to Extreme Change in the Next Five Years.

This is my five favorite people in the world, overlooking the construction of the new Freedom Tower. It is still being called "Ground Zero" but I think "the site of the Freedom Tower" sounds much more optimistic.

The hole is filled with construction vehicles, even on this weekend day that we visited. Foundations are in place and rebar is everywhere. There is no doubt that a big change is on the way.

I am also fully aware that these four children are going through their own construction years. Brains and bones are growing at a rapid rate. Some days I almost swear I can visibly see them getting taller. I keep pouring into them vegetables and milk and the occasional Flintstones vitamin.

So I plan to come to this same spot in five years. October of 2013, we will be back. And we will see how tall the building has grown. We will also see the dramatic changes in my offspring. Both will be facing a bright, bright future. It's hard to imagine now but the change is coming.

I know the change is coming.

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