Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They're Just Guys

As I was sitting on the exam table dangling my leg and a half off the edge of the table I started thinking about how this experience was so familiar to me. In the four years since I've lost my leg I have spent countless hours perched on exam tables in prosthetist's offices. For a boredom busting activity I tried to recall the names of the prosthetic companies I've used in my short stint as an amputee.

Then I realized something. Their business names were a blur to me. I could recall some snippets of business titles....ability?....peak?....their full names would not come to me.

I know these guys thought long and hard when they named their businesses. But the effort was lost on me. Because when it comes right down to it, they are so far from being a business to me. They are just 'the guys who fix my leg'.

They are the guys who pretend they don't smell the odd odor that sometimes comes along with amputated limbs. These are the guys who listen carefully and thoughtfully before running back to their labs with my leg tucked under their arm. These are the guys who truly care about my family and my life and what activities I want to do. And I'm really glad they do care. Because if it were not for them I would not be able to live this active life I love.

Several times I have been approached by amputees who want to know who I use for leg repairs. After gushing about how much I love 'my guy' I always catch myself. When it comes time to give this stranger the actual name they should call, I draw a blank. All I really know and care about is the location of their office and the name their families call them.

So the names that grace their buildings and business cards fade from my mind. But the names that matter never will. The Mikes, Toms and Joes who have kept me up and moving are the only titles that matter to me. Maybe I should have a chat with my latest great leg guy, and suggest he change the name of his practice to "Mike's Leg Repair". It sure would help me pass along a good recommendation.

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Leigh said...

Praise the LORD for health care professionals who are great at their job AND truly care for their clients/patients. They make a HUGE difference in our lives!!