Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On a Thursday

On a Thursday evening Baby Boy forgot the rule about no running in the house and when the rocking chair reached out to trip him, he caught his fall with his forehead. The bookshelf next to it is made of very hard wood.

It is our fifth set of stitches in little boys and by far the deepest. He must have nicked an artery because there was a fountain of blood spraying all over our nice tan carpet.

A few hours later he got his pretty quilting job done by a very kid friendly doc. An even ten stitches to make the story easy to remember when telling to giggly cute teenage girls some day.

On a Saturday he covered the railroad tracks on his forehead with a nice big band aid and celebrated his birthday with five rambunctious friends. It was pure good luck that prevented any other trips to the ER as the cyclones made their way through the house.

On a Thursday our favorite family doc patiently and carefully clipped and pulled those sacred stitches out of his head. He was just about as nervous about the coming out part as he was the going in part. He hummed his favorite lullaby to himself (his idea) for distraction and comfort. It made me smile.

On that same Thursday as we walked through Wal-Mart buying groceries, he felt like everyone in the world was staring at his new scar. Just to prove to him it was no big deal I took a picture with my digital camera and showed him what he looked like in the viewfinder. One of the benefits to being a mom who always has a camera in her pocket.

Another medical crisis survived and documented. The camera is fully charged again. I wonder who's next....

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Table for Seven said...

OH GOSH. That looks painful. Poor guy. I have often wondered how our family, with five boys ages almost 12 to almost two, have managed to NOT have any stitches or broken bones. Thick skin or luck...I'm not sure.