Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Girl Time

For the fourth time since we moved to New York we made the trip down to the City early in the morning and sat in the Regis and Kelly audience. It's always a fun experience but this time was extra special because it was just my girl and me.

We always seem to have the pack of boys with us when we hit the City and shopping is never on the list. Sometimes we can buy a little time if we send them off to the Times Square Toys R Us or the Hershey store but it never seems to be long enough.

This trip was all about my girl and me. We had fun laughing with our friends Reege and Kelly and then headed out to hit the City. We'd always heard about Canal Street Shopping so we drove south into China town to see what it was all about.

She found her new favorite store and I got to enjoy a long afternoon with my daughter, poking around some pretty fun places and making a whole lot of new fun memories.

Even the drive home was a treat. Nothing but time, un-distracted, for just over two hours. I know these days will become even more rare as she makes plans for college and her own big girl life.

So I cling to these moments and kindly ignore the curse word in the name of her favorite store.

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