Friday, September 5, 2008

Fitting In

As a mom who has moved her kids all over the country sometimes I worry that they don't feel a sense of belonging. I want them to feel at home where they live. I look for little signs that all is well. I got one last night.

We were spread out on our king sized bed, watching the first NFL game of the real season. We are big football people and no matter where we live, we have our favorite teams. Since moving to NY we have latched onto the Giants, partially because I have always loved Payton Manning and it seemed fun to now have his brother Eli heading up our 'local' team. So now we are officially Giants fans and our team was on TV last night.

They did a pretty good job. Especially for a team who won the Super Bowl nine months ago. (yes, I felt a need to remind you how well 'our' team has done since we moved here...) There were several big, exciting plays, and Baby boy was watching closely.

At one point the Giants broke free on a running play and got serious yardage. My Baby Boy jumped up, punched the air with his fist and yelled, "Now THAT'S how we do it in New York!"

I guess he's feeling more at home here. It's nice to see the signs.

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