Friday, September 19, 2008

I See A Theme.

There are all kinds of new and exiting things going on in Middle Boy's world. He started seventh grade a few weeks ago. And in New York state that means you get to begin learning Spanish. Since his father and I were not thinking in terms of Spanish culture when we named him, he does not have a name that translates easily into the language. He is not a 'Ricardo' or a 'Miguel', so he got to pick from a list of generic names.

He chose 'Nacho'.

I'm not kidding. Nacho was on the list. And my son claimed it.

I am okay with it. But I guess I didn't realize the deeper significance to my boy.

Yesterday we were riding somewhere in the car and Middle Son was trying to explain to his younger brother the hierarchy of his life. Little Brother was under the false assumption that he actually mattered in some significant way to his big brother. And Middle Son was setting him straight. (all in fun...that's what I tell myself as the mother in this situation.)

"See, what you don't get," started Middle Son, "Is that there is a list of things in my life that are important."

Using his palm, held out flat in front of him, he made physical notches in the air as he continued.

"First on my list is parents." (his hand sliced the air up around the level of his eyeballs)
"Next on my list is our pets." (hand dropped down to nose level)
"Then comes nacho cheese...." (again, drop in hand)
"Then comes friends."

He continued the list, trying very hard to come up with things, anything, that might be more important to him that this pesky little brother.

By the time he finished his list, little brother no longer even cared about the conversation. He had been distracted (at about the fifth item on the list) by a new billboard that had a picture of a cool sports car.

But in my mommy mind I tried not to let the list bother me. I know my kids love their dad. I know they love me. And I am pretty sure they love each other. At least as much as nacho cheese.

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