Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Big Trip

If you happen to be one of our children and you happen to be turning eight any time soon, you know what's coming. Well, you kind of know what's coming.

In our house, when you turn eight, you get to take a big overnight trip with the parent of your gender. It's all about you and all about making you feel special.

Oh yeah, and you also get the big sex talk.

About a hundred years ago I heard someone on Oprah say that eight is a good age to fill kids in. And when you make it feel like an important rite of passage they understand how important and special the whole thing can be. At an age they are still actually listening.

So Baby Boy turned eight in October. Then Halloween hit. Then Thanksgiving hit. Then get the idea.

Finally a weekend opened up in February. So Baby boy and dad hit the road for Boston. I pulled all the relevant, age appropriate books off our family book shelf and threw in a few new library books on the topic, and sent them on their way.

They did a bunch of tourist things, ate lunch at Faneuil Hall, went to the science museum, walked on the water front. This picture is Baby boy with the turtle guy who seems to be the mascot for the Boston Aquarium.

They had a great time, made some special memories. Oh, and they also had 'the talk'. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. This is the only information that has been relayed to me concerning the subject - on the afternoon before they drove home I got a check-in call.

Once I got Hubby on the phone I asked, " did it go??"

He paused, exhaled, and said, "Well, let's just say there was a lot of giggling."

I had to ask. "By who?"

His response: "I'd rather not say."

Good thing this is the last kid who will count on us to give him a life education.

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