Sunday, March 8, 2009

Falling Apart

So yesterday our friends came over to hang out and give some house renovation advice. Tim is a leading expert on shaker furniture and has dismantled and rebuilt several historic homes. He's also built a few of their own houses. Jeff devoured the expertise he provided.

One thing that has been concerning Jeff, and by concerning I mean keeping him up at nights, is the condition of some of the support beams under our house. He was nervous that they were not doing their job and the hodge podge add-ons that have been done to the house have compromised its stability.

After his chat with Tim yesterday, Jeff got up bright and early and started chipping away at said suspicious beam. Sure enough it was pretty didnt take much to get it to fall away and the picture above shows the section he pulled out.

So now he is at Home Depot, buying a few jacks and a support beams, trying to get our structural integrity back.

Its a good thing he cares about stuff like this. If it was up to me, I'd choose to ignore it and spend the hundred bucks on shutterfly photo albums or snack foods.

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