Monday, March 30, 2009

Three Reasons

In these pictures you can see three of the reasons we left beautiful Utah and moved to New York. The adorable girl in the picture is my niece, who is in film school at Ithaca College. My Sam adores her and she returns the favor by spoiling him. It never hurts to have an extra big sister.

Her dad grew up with the title 'little brother' to my husband. I met him when he was in high school and still forget sometimes that he's all grown up and has a successful career designing planetarium theaters. He married a gal that I would have picked as a sister if I'd been given a choice.

They came over from NH to see their girl. We are kind of a mid way point between her college and her home. We get the bonus of seeing them all at the same time.

Because she's an only child she gets four instant siblings and has mastered the art of jumping right in like she's always been our 'fifth child'. This is when it is truly a joy to be an aunt. An aunt who lives close enough to visit when a touch of homesickness needs to be cured.

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