Monday, March 30, 2009

Brainwashed Fan

It has been a difficult road, the twenty five years that I have been a Seahawks fan. There are never shirts or ball caps or even keychains with my team on them at the sports stores. Even when we lived in Utah, just two states away from Washington, all I could find was Broncos stuff.

Then my team went to the Super Bowl. I thought maybe, just maybe I would be finding more fan gear in the stores. No chance. They lost the big game and went back to anonymity.

So when my teenage daughter and I were in the mall the other day and saw a clearance rack outside the sports store, I jokingly said, "Let's dig through it, maybe there's a Seahawks shirt in there somewhere..."

And what do you know, there was. A sweatshirt, the perfect size for my eight year old. A brand name high quality sweatshirt...for the discount price of 3.99. Bonus!

He already owns and wears a Seahawk hat that we got in another sports store (also on clearance) about a year ago. I think he feels sorry for me that I seem to be the only Seahawks fan on the entire east coast. I'm okay with that. I'll take any pity fans I can get for my club.

He's worn this sweatshirt almost every day now, over his tshirt. Soon it will be too warm for sweatshirts and I'll have to hope he doesn't outgrow it before next fall. If he does I might be forced to wrap it up and send it as a handmedown to one of my nephews. It's time to brainwash the new generation.

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