Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Painting Fruit

I wish I had an appropriate picture for this posting but I just don't. Just a quick Sam story.

This morning he and I were watching the Today show as we ate our oatmeal together. There was a segment about how the four hosts went to a famous art studio and learned to paint. Their subjects were nudes.

Of course, being an inquisitive eight year old boy, Sam wanted to discuss this. I went into my long speech about how painting the nude body can really help an artist learn about line and form and blah blah blah...

He listened politely then, when I was finally done with my speech, he let me know he understood.

"Oh, I get it..", he said, "First they learn to paint naked people then they learn to paint grapes."

I guess when you are eight all formal paintings seem to be about bananas or grapes. (both fairly relevant when painting nudes, if you really think about it.)

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