Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Now She Has Keys

Okay, so how surreal was it when today, I found myself sitting on a hard bench in the hallway of a government building, trying to snuggle my long legged 7 year old Baby in my lap, while we waited patiently for Daughter to take her drivers test?

Was it fifty or a hundred years ago that I was seeing her off to kindergarten?

Actually she only has a beginners license, which in New York means she can drive only with an adult in the car and only during daylight. After twenty hours of this 'teaching', if we all survive and have not stopped speaking to each other, we will go back in and she can take a real driving test and get her full license.

Hubby was much more excited about letting her get out on the road. All afternoon I put her off, telling her we'd do our first driving test 'tomorrow....', which in my code language meant maybe six weeks from now, maybe seven...

But he jumped right in and offered to take her tonight. Right now. I guess it will be a good bonding experience for them. I reminded her that he was actually letting her get out on the road TODAY so she should be thankful (code word for respectful and patient as he explains things to her that she will surely feel she already knows.)

They are out on the road as I type this. And I am online trying to figure out how to add her to our car insurance.

The beauty of it is, in six short months we get to start the whole process over with Big Boy, when he turns sixteen.

It's a whole new world my friend, a whole new world.

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