Friday, August 22, 2008

Poor Mans Picnic

Any other day we would drive some back roads and find a perfect park to have our picnic. On this day we picked up Hubby from work and had a surprise lunch packed in the trunk. We challenged him to find a good park so we could have a birthday picnic. We drove to one that was on our trusty map.

It was overrun with about 53 camp kids.

So we tried another.

It didn't exist. We drove through a short street lined with run down houses right on a small lake and there was no hint of a park.

So we tried for a third. And we found a deserted ball field, a view of a lake, and a grassy spot.

So we took it. Quiet and Peaceful. It would do.

Because there was no picnic table, only one board designed to keep people from driving into the lake, we did the next best thing. We took the bench seat out of the van.

And I have to say, it worked very well.

We sat around munching on our ham and cheese sandwiches and Cool Ranch Doritos and slurped down our orange soda and had a jolly good time.

Then came the best part.

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