Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winning Moments

If you are a seven year old boy, you love to run. If you are seven years old and watch your teenage brother run exciting races for his high school track team, you suddenly understand the bigger picture. About being the fastest. And having trophies and ribbons to clutch in your hand on the car ride home.
Through Big Boys track team we found out about a community track meet that takes place every Tuesday night through the summer months. Every age group is accepted and encouraged. It is all about the joy of racing.

From the three year old 100 meter race to the mile long race that puts my fifteen year old up against a man who looks to be in his seventies, everyone has a great time.

As a person who lost the ability to run about the time my memories started, I am fascinated by the rhythm of running. I have never known the feeling and take great joy in watching my boys do it so effortlessly.

I love that my Big Boy has a competition every week to keep him in shape for the autumn track season. And I love that my other two boys get to be in their own track meets and experience the fun of running track, years before they are eligible for the high school team.

It is inspiring to watch heat after heat and see families rally together to cheer on whoever decided to step up to the starting line.

The ribbons are just icing on the cake.

(And just in case you were wondering - no, besides using it as a useful tool for avoiding a house fire or preventing her hair from getting wet in a downpour, Daughter sees no real value in running. She is athletic but not competitive. So the track meets have become a guys event in this household.)

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