Saturday, August 16, 2008

All Night Long

Who says summer is a time for relaxing and goofing off? When you love to run, like my Big Boy loves to run, you sign up for things like the overnight fun run.

Twelve hours, teams of racers, whoever survives and gets the most laps, wins.

And this sounded like a good idea to my boy.

In the end he did survive. And his team actually won. But there were no trophies since one of the last minute members of his team was the girl who had planned to make the trophies while the race transpired. Instead she was taking her turn at the laps.

So they went home tired and happy. With only bragging rights to hang on the wall.

Together they ran 113 miles in the course of that 12 hours. My boy ran 11 of them. Their times averaged between 6:08 and 6:30 for each mile. All in the overnight hours.

So who says summers are just for goofing off? Some kids take the opportunity to run all night long.

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